About me


WeMo Scooter - Site Reliability Engineer, Mar 2020 ~ Present, Taipei City

FUNPODIUM - DevOps Engineer, Jul 2019 ~ Feb 2020, Taipei City

Implementing Infrastructure as Code by using Ansible & Terraform

  • Use Terraform to creating Aliyun ECS, EIP, SLB, Security Group Rules etc. by One-Click.
  • Use Ansible Playbook to initial Linux server enviroment setting, like install packages, create users, add SSH security policy, deploy docker containers by Ansible docker-compose module.

Develop Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

  • In One time situation to deploy JAVA Spring Cloud Microservice on 40+ instances, and write shell scripts for rolling update instances to implement Zero Downtime Deployment
  • Use Jenkins and Helm to Fully Automatic build image and deploy to the staging kubernetes cluster

Introduced Bitrise for Fully Automatic Build Dual Platform, Multilingual Mobile APPs

  • Develop the workflows for building different brand, platform, language apps 10+ times a day
  • Develop the Python script about Get and Post Bitrise Workflow YAML files, and integrate to our GitLab for implement IaC

Develop and maintain monitoring tools (ELK Stack, Prometheus, Zabbix etc.)

  • Build customize Zabbix Server and Agent image to monitoring 300+ instances and docker container
  • Build High Availability ELK Cluster and use Elastic Curator for automatic deleting expired Elasticsearch indices
  • Develop Aliyun Webhook Alert System by using Python Flask, and add Aliyun SDK to parsing more message. Than the info from SDK will send to Slack

Logicalis, Network Engineer, Oct 2017 ~ Jul 2019, Kaohsiung City

Manage National University campus network

  • Maintain 300+ Juniper L2 and Cisco L2 Switches
  • Maintain Palo Alto Firewall and F5 Load Balancer / WAF
  • Maintain Aruba Controller and 400+ Thin APs
  • Monitoring 3000+ users network traffic and write loadbalancer policy for dynamic despatching WAN bandwidth
  • Use Python and Flask framework to build a website for search and log all IPs and MAC addresses mapping
  • Build an automation system for monitor user data usage and block exceed the limit user (Use Python and Palo Alto Firewall API)

Completed projects

  • Independently setting up whole new building network infrastructure (L2 & L3 Switch / Thin AP)
  • Upgrade campus network backbone to 10GbE (F5 Load Balancer / Palo Alto Firewall / Server Farm


National Open University, Management Information, 2018 ~ Present

In Study

Chung-Cheng Industrial High School, Infomation System, 2012 ~ 2014

Dropped out
Networking, Coding related resources are very scarce in school, so I dropped out of school and autonomous learning, like NTHU Moocs online course, GJun Cisco Networking course etc.