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[隨筆] LLDP 筆記


TLV Packet

Cisco Switch LLDP

The Cisco switch supports the following basic management TLVs, which are optional:

  • Port description TLV
  • System name TLV
  • System description TLV
  • System capabilities TLV
  • Management address TLV

These organizationally specific LLDP TLVs are also advertised to support LLDP-MED.

  • Port VLAN ID TLV (IEEE 802.1 organizationally specific TLVs)
  • MAC/PHY configuration/status TLV (IEEE 802.3 organizationally specific TLVs)

TLV Type

TLV type TLV name Usage in LLDPPDU
0 End of LLDPDU Mandatory
1 Chassis ID Mandatory
2 Port ID Mandatory
3 Time To Live Mandatory
4 Port description Optional
5 System name Optional
6 System description Optional
7 System capabilities Optional
8 Management address Optional
9–126 Reserved -
127 Custom TLVs Optional

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